Friday, March 9, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Recipes to Make You Feel Irish

Hello Friends!!

I love Irish food! When the boy and I went to a pub a couple of weeks ago and I've been craving Irish food ever since. The majority of their food is potato based! It's amazing!! All the potato food. My favorite Irish food is bangers and mash. It is so delicious. They are also strong believers in alcohol and potatoes. Basically the best things. I hope you all try these recipes as well. We are going to have a full-on Irish Feast. 




What are you making for St. Patrick's Day?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Great Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday!

Hello All!!

I love birthdays! It's a great excuse to celebrate with friends and do something fun. But every year I find that it is harder and harder to come up with a fun idea or a fun outing for birthdays. You want to organize something meaningful or unique without going too far from home? Me too!! With some brainstorming and internet help, I came up with a fun birthday list.

Great Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday!

one//A Quiet Evening and a Nice Dinner
This is a great idea for entertaining a smaller group of close friends. You can do something personal and have everyone over for dinner. You go all out (I mean Pinterest) or get the frozen meals, it doesn't matter! You will bond and have fun while cooking or enjoying a homecooked meal.

two//Be a Tourist in your own city
This is definitely one of the most fun things to do. Google the top tourist things to do in your town/city and invite some friends to join you in those activities. Go be a tourist and see you home in a new way!

three//A Movie Night
A movie night could be at home or out to the movies for something you've been itching to watch. You can invite someone special, your family, including kids, as well as a group of friends. If you set it up at home you can do it indoors or outdoors (depending on the weather!). You can rent a movie screen and a projector to make it more theater-like. You can combine movie night with a nice dinner or came night. 

four// Pool Party
Since my birthday is in the middle of the summer, pool parties have always been a favorite of mine. It's the ultimate summer fun! You can organize finger food, drinks, and serve them all in the patio area. Don't forget some music and you have a great party! Don't forget to keep your drinks cold. There are also very fun life-size board games available or basketball hoops for the pool. 

five//Let's Brunch
I love brunch! It's basically the best meal of the day. But brunch can be expensive or a hassle, so have it at home! You can have a waffle bar, pancake bar, mimosa bar, or any other food bar! You don't even have to do it at brunch time, go for a breakfast for dinner theme. It doesn't matter, it's all in the fun.

Think about the things you like to do, visit, and see. Things that make you happy and give you the most pleasure. Bring them to you. Don't organize a party only because you think you are supposed to. Do it because you feel like it.
How do you like to celebrate?

Monday, March 5, 2018

Brunchin' {Lulu's}

Hello Friends!

For this round of Brunchin' in Boston I decided to do the first brunch I went to when I moved to Boston. My roommates took me to Lulu's in Allston. It was so fun. We went on a perfect day to enjoy their outdoor patio.

Lulus Allston

Lulu's in Allston

So last post was from a place in Somerville. Allston is a little closer to where I live and my roommates decided to take me there. It has a really fun vibe. It was packed with people and they have a patio area. Both the inside and the outside are set up for having a good time, a very relaxed atmosphere. They also have great mimosas.

Lulus Allston

The menu has some pretty cool and memorable foods. They offer eggs in many different options. Large portions and portions to share. The Comforts portion of the menu is a perfect twist on all our favorites. I ordered the eggs benedict with delicious multi-colored potatoes. White Trash Hash is definitely a very popular dish of the restaurant. 

Where do you like to brunch?