Monday, June 23, 2014

101 in 1001 Days

Hello Loves,

If any of you follow Mackenzie Horan, you will know that she is on her second 101 in 1001 days! After seeing her adventure on the first one and already moving on to the second one I decided to give it a try! I hope you all will try one too!

Start: June 23, 2014

End: May 20, 2017

1. Go one month without shopping
2. Learn how to tie a tie
3. Complete a 5K
4. Wake up early and do yoga for at least one month
5. Go to church every Sunday for 6 months
6. Go on a spiritual retreat
7. Finish reading all the books on my list
8. Go to bed by 10pm every day for 2 weeks
9. Read 30 minutes every night for a month
10. Go to Convention or Fireside
11. Get my handwriting analysed
12. Volunteer at a children's hospital
13. List 10 things I'm grateful for, everyday for 1 month
14. Learn basic HTML
15. Redesign blog
16. Buy one Lilly Pulitzer dress (on my own)
17. Get a job
18. Raise my GPA to something I'm proud of
19. Start going to a gym and stick with it for at least one semester
20. Get my own stationary
21. Visit Chi Omega Headquarters
22. Go on a trip with my Chi-O sisters
23. Go back to Disney
24. Leave 100% tip
25. Get a credit card
26. Eat at 10 new restaurants
27. Learn how to parallel park
28. Send Christmas Cards
29. Host a dinner party
30. Unsubscribe to emailing lists I don't want 
31. Clear and organize emails
32. Keep in touch with my sister more frequently
33. Send Soldiers care packages
34. Send my sister care packages
35. Volunteer for a cause I am passionate about
36. Figure out what I want to do in the future after college
37. Figure out my major
38. Reach my goal weight
39. Get in shape
40. Organize my Pins
41. Actually read the articles I've pinned
42. Do 5 DIYs from Pinterest
43. Have a spa weekend
44. Take a trip with my mom and sisters
45. Drive as a part of a road trip
46. Cook dinner for my family
47. Don't eat sweets (includes ice cream) for a month
48. Keep in contact with friends that have graduated
49. Travel abroad
50. Donate to my Alma Mater
51. Donate to Persephone's Circle every year I'm allowed to
52. Go to the beach every day for a week over summer
53. Take a pottery class
54. Do something out of my comfort zone
55. Go to a sports game I've never been to before
56. Keep my room organised
57. Organize my desk
58. Study without music or TV noise
59. Post regularly for 2 months
60. See all Audrey Hepburn movies (Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany's,
61. Be a better listener to friends
62. Do not gossip for a month
63. Travel to a state I've never been to before
64. Go to a country I've never visited before
65. Move out of my house
66. Create a signature for posts
67. Intern in my dream job
68. Find out my blood type
69. Go to a tea party
70. Get all my friends and family birthday presents
71. Keep up with my pen pal
72. Clean out my closet
73. Get staple clothes
74. Invest in good make up
75. Be happy with any position (or lackof) in my sorority
76. Paint my nails every week a different color for 6 months
77. Pick up a sport I like to play
78. Get more involved in my University
79. Get more involved in my community
80. Try 5 new foods
81. Learn the Greek alphabet in order
82. Learn important phrases in 10 languages
83. Fill out an address book with current contact information
84. Read the news every morning for a month
85. Attend a ballet
86. Watch a sunrise and sunset in one day
87. Celebrate my 21st  birthday
88. Celebrate my 20th birthday
89. Start practicing piano again
90. Go to a high school alumni event
91. Start Sunday "Bakeday" for 2 months
92. Take my family out to dinner
93. Watch 10 TED Talks
94. Attempt a juice cleanse
95. Invest in a classic handbag
96. Rebuild blog to a happy place
97. Go on a ski trip
98. Go to brunch with friends
99. Redo my desk space
100. Set aside $10 for every thing I cross off
101. Write a new list

Wish me luck!