Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 Easy Ways to Wake Up Happy

Hello Lovelies,

I always thought I was a morning person because I had no trouble waking up early, but I was never happy about waking up. I recently learned that being a morning person does not just mean being awake early but being happy about it too. I still do not fully understand how that is possible but I found some good ways to get you started and happier on early mornings.

one// wake up to sunshine
When you wake up to sun shining through your windows, your body is signaled to stop its flow of melatonin. Waking up to the sunshine works for me because it signals the start of a fresh, brand-new day. If you are like my sister that needs the room to be pitch dark to fall asleep invest in an eye mask so you can still feel the sunshine on your face in the mornings.

two// don't snooze
Our brains understand the snooze button so it will not let you fall back into a deep sleep. Therefore when you wake up again you will actually wake up more tired and groggy than before. So skip the snooze and get out of bed.

three// have a morning routine
Whether its to turn on music and dance around or stretch in an hour long yoga session - get a move on! The exercise will not only get your blood pumping but it'll also wake you up more. The endorphins from the movement will make you happier that you are awake. This is time just for you so enjoy it!

four// drink water
Drinking water when you get up is a great way to provide energy to your body by making up the fluids you lost while in your sleep. Since your body requires fluids, when it is dehydrated it has to work much harder, therefore this extra expenditure of energy will make you feel even more tired. Plus drinking water is just great for your body in general. AND it helps kick start your daily eight ounces.

five// power down before bed
TURN OFF ALL YOUR SCREENS! Research dedicates that between 30 minutes to an hour before bed you should turn off all your screens. TV, computer, iPads, iPhones, etc are stimulators that make it difficult for your brain to wind down. Read a book instead!