Monday, July 14, 2014

Birthday Week in Review

Hello lovelies,

Last week was my birthday week!! I had such a great week from Friday to this Sunday! 

Friday July 4th,
I went to IKEA for the first time ever to help my sister dorm shop. It was an amazing place!! Of course we had meatballs and my mom bought us chocolate which was absolutely delicious. Then I convinced my mom to take us to Kate Spade nearby because they were having a great sale! Which lead to a lot of early birthday shopping.Then we watched the World Cup and fireworks at night!!

July 5th & 6th,
Both days were pretty uneventful. Just hung out at home and studied for a physics exam. 

Monday July 7th,
Kicked off my official birthday week with a physics exam!!!! It actually went pretty well. And I got texts from friends wishing me a happy birthday week, they know me so well!

Tuesday July 8th,
Highlight of my day was Brasil losing 7-1 to Germany! As an Argentine  we are sworn soccer enemies. 

Wednesday July 9th,
This was one of the best days ever!!! It was El Día de la Patria in Argentina AND we beat Holland in the semi-finals to advance to the finals for the first time in over 20 years. My sisters also got my an Argentine jersey to wear for good luck! It was great!! I went to the store after the game while still wearing it, and I got so many compliments and congratulations I felt as if I had played.  

Thursday July 10th
MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a pretty uneventful! I had cake for breakfast. It was my Abuela's recipe and I have it every year. I opened birthday presents then took my sisters out to lunch. We had chipotle it was magnificent. Then we went shopping for a while. For dinner I had milanesas and mashed potatoes!!!! My favorites. 

Friday July 11th,
I had class which was absolutely miserable but I played dots and tic-tac-toe over snapchat with a friend which was a fun way to pass a dull class. 

I've had the greatest day today. My Big got back into town just in time for my birthday! So did my best friend so they came over to celebrate. A bunch of us went for dinner. It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad that I actually had a party on my birthday with friends from school. Its so rare for people to be here in the middle of the summer!
My best friend slept over and we skyped her little most of the night. It was great fun! 

Saturday July 12th,
My best friend stayed all day and we hung out and talked. I hadn't seen her in two months!! We had so much to catch up on! And of course we watched Brasil lose again!

Sunday July 13th,
This was my cousin's birthday and of course the big final game of Argentina vs Germany! I went out to a pub in my Argentine jersey hoping to clench a win. I went with my sister, my Big, and some other friends. We were unfortunate to have lost (still don't want to talk about it). Then I finished my physics homework and called it a night and an end to all the birthday festivities.

Best Birthday EVER!!!!