Sunday, August 31, 2014

Book Club: August 2014

Hello My Book Club Members!!

So this month was Mystery Month!!!! All the books I read were mysteries!!! I absolutely love the suspense and thrillers! I do not like horror stories (it really is a fine line). I started the month by going back to the classics: Agatha Christie, the best mystery writer of all time.

one// Three Blind Mice and Other Stories By Agatha Christie
These are really short stories. Three Blind Mice is the longest of the short stories in the novel. It is very well written and utterly captivating. The next couple of short stories feature approximately the same people in the same town. Even though they are different stories they are connected and it gives the over all feel of a full novel. The great part of short stories is that you can read them quickly when you do not have much time.

two// If Looks Could Kill by Kate White
I got this book before I finished the previous one and I had to go somewhere with my mom and she did not have a book to read in the waiting room so I lend her this one. She absolutely loved it so much she took it from me. I had to wait for her to finish reading it before I could get my claws in it (Don't worry she's a quick reader). I'm a huge fan of this book! It has mystery, sex, joy, and thrill all combined into one novel you can't put down!

Happy reading!