Monday, August 18, 2014

Last Monday of Summer!!

Hello All,

Today is the last Monday of summer. While I want to go back to school because I miss everyone so badly I do not want classes to start!! Just thinking about classes makes me sad. I will be starting my junior year of college!!!! Its crazy how fast it all went by. But the best part of the last weeks of summer are definitely the sales. As you all know Lilly is having its Semi-Annual Sale starting today (yes I woke up early, yes I snagged some great deals).

Then I got an email from Swoozie's saying that all the personalization is free on top of the sales that they already have for bags! Its like I'm in monogram heaven!!! 

Considering getting one of these monogrammed!

And let us not forget the daily Marley Lilly Sales! And their amazing flash sales. All the personalized amazingness you could ever want all in one website. its a thing from heaven!

All that is left is for Vineyard Vines to have a Lilly like sale and I'm golden!!! And broke!
Have a Shopping Filled Day!