Monday, August 11, 2014

Road Trippin'

Hello Lovelies,

My sister has to move into her dorm August 8th, so we decided that we would road trip to her university. The road trip will take approximately 14 hours so we will take two days to make it!! It was so fun! My sisters, mom and I rented a car and then made our way to Alabama. I had never been to Alabama before and it was definitely an adventure.... I felt like I was in a totally different country haha. I have a lot of pictures to show it.

FCI's Dorm stuff

Mother actually let me drive!!!

Her first Shake Ever!

ummm okay I won't!

Steak'n Shake


Jumping for Joy!

Mom and sister

College Girl

Alabama the Beautiful

Finally finished my blanket!!!

Working hard or hardly working?

Dorm room selfies

Beautiful Sunset
Mommy and sister
After taking my sister to dinner for the last time until she comes back we planned our trip back home. The next day they started rush and I was dying to see the Chi-O house so we walked along sorority row and near the stadium.

Rama Jama's

At the Stadium

Throw What You Know


Recruitment time.....?

After exploring the university we visited a troops memorial site. It was beautiful and very moving.

War Memorial 

Welcome to the Gun Show

Only Car She's Allowed to Drive

Stopped by for some last minute shopping and dropped a surprise off at my sister's dorm then we had lunch and headed back home.
Chi-O shopping spree

Recruitment style on the street!!

Sister's Dorm

President's Mansion
Peaches on the side of the highway

Ah-mazing peaches!
Since we were not in a rush to make it back home we popped into Florida's capital city, Tallahassee, to visit the city. It is very beautiful especially the historic capitol building.

Power Posing At the Capitol

Historic State Capitol

Mom in Tallahassee

All three of us!

My sister's dorm room!

Fun Road Trip!