Friday, August 15, 2014

Round up

Hello Loves,

one// Becoming a Happier Person
The Pope released a list on ten ways to become a happier person. While they all seem simple and obvious its still not something that you think about until its put in a list. I think with these in mind we can all become happier.

two// ice bucket challenge for ALS
I'm sure a bunch of you have seen this challenge on Facebook if you have not done it yourself. The Ice Bucket challenge has started to raise awareness for ALS. Over the weekend I was nominated to do this challenge by my friend Gabby. I wanted to show it to you all, nominate you all (y'all have 24 hours) and encourage everyone to donate to

Robin Williams bench
three// Robin Williams
I don't have very much to say. As the news of his death popped up on my phone I was in utter shock. It goes to show you never know what a person is fighting.