Friday, September 19, 2014

First Mixer of the Season!

Hello All!!

Happy Friday!! Another long week is finally coming to a close! It has been a long week with many, many late nights. I have been getting home at 2am most nights. It is absolutely crazy, but I am having a lot of fun in between. One of the most fun nights was last night. We had our ocean themed mixer with Kappa Sigma last night. We all had to dress up then we went to a restaurant nearby and had our party. It was a good time!

Didn't have time for a full costume but expertly turned her broken finger into Nemo

With the best friend!

There are too many creeper shots of  Niece with that boy!!! (we all hope they go on a date)
It was a fun mixer! I got a good use of my Lilly dress which was super exciting! And my niece (who is my best friend/twin's little) was talking to a boy most of the night which was the best part of the night!!! Now if we can get them to date that would only make it better!

Cheers to the Weekend!