Friday, September 5, 2014

Made With Code

Hello All,

My sister was telling me about this cool website which teaches basic code for younger women. As a 20 year old I am thoroughly enjoying myself tinkering with these different codes. There was a basic code of gifs, bracelets, avatars, etc.

The founders and innovators of Made With Code are women who have been empowered by code. By giving girls all different tools it empowers them, helping them achieve all their goals.

With their goal to help empower women one of the coolest gadgets they have is the Bracelet. You code the bracelet and personalize it. You can choose a color and something for it to say and then Google will 3D print it and send it to you for free. It is super cool and fun to see something you coded come to life! I cannot wait to get mine!! (Yes I made one I could not resist).

Happy Coding!