Friday, October 3, 2014

10 Things You Should Do in your 20s

Hello Loves,

As we all know your 20s are an interesting and important time for growth and fun. We find ourselves and set ourselves up for a successful future! Here's some advice I got to move forward.

1. Travel!!
- travel long, travel far! Experience the world. Experience your own backyard. You will never gain as much life experience as you will by travelling.

2. Think of money as a result not a goal....
- "Don't stress about money, it'll come"

3. .... But Save
- It's important to buy things and experience the world but its even more important to save for your future while having fun along the way.

4. Start Taking Care of your Body
- Its all downhill from here. You will never be this young again.

5. Tame your Tech
- While we are all addicts of our iphones, laptops, and any other glowing screen its important to put them away and enjoy the world around you! Enjoy the feel of a book, or the look of a sunset.

6. Forgive yourself and others
- no one is perfect! 20s is a perfect time to realize how perfectly unperfect we all are. And we must own up to our mistakes, forgive them, and move forward. This is the only way we can move forward in our lives.

7. Distance yourself from Drama
- Life is too short to be surrounded by problems!

8. Invest in Self-Knowledge
-Your 20s is the best time to start understanding yourself. It will be a long journey in self-discovery but you will learn about what makes you tick. How you feel about love, trust, honesty, humans, and the world around you. These are all important for a successful future.

9. Slow Down
-With the craziness that is the modern world it is some times difficult to take a step back and appreciate everything. It is vital that we learn to slow down and take it all in.

10. Floss!
- this one always gets forgotten so I might as well put it out there. Take care of yourself and your teeth and FLOSS!