Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Book Club: June 2015

Hello Fellow Book Clubbers!!

This is a club for books and June has been a good month to go clubbing!! I basically choose my books out of a list that I made (and keep adding on to) a while back. I get the different suggestions from different people, blog posts, and pinterest articles. Then randomly on my list I pick whatever sounds good at that moment, I think intuitively I pick books that I needed at that moment. This month I started off with Jane Austen's Emma.

one// Emma by Jane Austen
So I read Pride and Prejudice two years ago and afterwards I was kind of obsessed with Jane Austen. That's why I had to put Emma on my list. I always have a really hard time getting through her books (look and old #oops), but I really enjoy her books. Emma is different from Pride and Prejudice which makes is an even more fun read! Promise me, just stick with it. Even if it takes a long time (like it does for me).

What have you been reading?

Monday, June 29, 2015

4th of July {Party Ideas}

Hello Loves,

Summer is a perfect time for BBQs and hanging out with friends. Of course with any party you need to have appropriate decorations.....in comes Pinterest!! I am a fully fledged Pinterest addict (I think at this point I'm just addicted to everything). Pinterest has some adorable ideas for some easy DIY decorations for the Fourth. Here are some of my personal favorites that I will probably have to try out.

Decorative Utensil Jars
instead of setting the table get containers (oatmeal containers work), wrap them in decorative wrapping paper securing them with tape. Add an adhesive chalkboard label and get creative!

Fun Centerpieces
Cover vases with tricolored lanterns, then place them on the tables as fun centerpieces. 

Glass Labels
Turn plain drinking glasses into fun, patriotic ones (temporarily) for the holiday! Using shears cut bands of red and white plaid oilcloth to fit around the glasses. Sew or glue a white oilcloth rectangle to the center of the band then glut the ends of the red and white band together to fit around the glass. Provide permanent markers for guest to write their names.

Fair-Style Berry Cones
Use sturdy wax paper to make cones, fill the cones with seasonal berries. You can put the cones in vases or boxes to keep on the tables as a centerpiece and a yummy snack or dessert!

Patriotic Buckets
Display famous words from the Declaration of Independence on galvanized tubs. Coat the tubs with white metal primer. Then paint each tub a different shade of blue. *buy deep blue exterior paint and dilute with white exterior paint to get lighter hues. Use letter stickers to spell out words on the tubs. Fill with ice to hold drinks or frozen treats, or use without ice to hold sparkles for some 4th of July fun.

Completely clean the inside and outside of tin cans. Spray paint the can blue, after it dries glue white stars to it. Hot glue white and red ribbons to the inside ribbon of the can. On the bottom of the can use a screwdriver and a hammer to make two holes. Knot the twine on the inside of the can in order to be able to hang it. 

Painted Lawn Stars
Using cardboard, cut out stars. As a stencil on the grass, spray paint the stars: red, white, and blue. Its a quick and fun way to make your yard patriotic!

I hope all your Fouths are fun and festive, hopefully with some decorations! I really want to try spray painting our lawn! It'll be fun and really cool. Honestly I just really love the color combination and food being red, white, and blue. Its just such a perfect summer holiday

What are y'all doing for the Fourth of July?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Round Up

Hello Loves,

I just like love these things that I've found this week. I hope you enjoy them too.

one// 29 Kids Were Asked To Complete A Sentence Starting with 'I Will'
These Polish kids write what they will do. It is absolutely inspiring and amazing just how high they aim. This little girl will be happy and beautiful, At the same time it is so sad that she does not see herself as beautiful. I like that it is "I Will" meaning that it will happen not just a hope or a dream.

two// People Go Without Looking At A Mirror For A Week
This is such an interesting experiment. At first glance I had no idea how it was going to go but I'm so happy with the outcome. It really is such an inspiring video! I think we should all avoid mirrors more often haha. 

Still, thousands of women and girls bravely stand up for freedom, and support each other.
three// Showing Off Their Hair
These Iranian woman are protesting the law that requires women to cover their hair. While they protest the law there are women that choose to wear the headscarves but do not believe everyone should be required to. This is the important difference. Masih Alinejad is fiercely brave!

Whats been on your radar?

4th of July {Outfits}

Hello Loves,

Fourth of July is probably one of my favorite holidays of all time. Probably because it marks the middle of summer and a week before my birthday! Here in Florida we start summer in May which is awesome then June seems to go on and on but then once July hits its basically the end of summer. In the blink of an eye, summer is over and we are back to school. Something about Fourth of July and the clothes just seems like the perfect summer time. Its the epitome of summer for me.

These are just a few of my suggestions. I really am too obsessed with the Fourth. It was literally so hard to narrow it down just to 20 things!!

How are you celebrating this year?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Essentials {Intern Life}

Hello Workaholics!

Just like many of you, I have an internship this summer (yes I know I've said it a million times now!) which means we need to dress in professional office attire. But it's summer and it's hot so who says we can't dress cute while at work? Here is some inspiration for your office work this summer:

All this clothes makes me want to go shopping for more business clothes!! Its just so cute, and I'll wear it again for chapter (totally justifiable right?)
Where are you interning this summer?

Monday, June 22, 2015

TED Talks: My Secret Obsessions

Hello Loves,

I have a not-so-secret obsession with TED Talks..... I love watching them, I can spend hours browsing for videos and watching ones I find interesting or helpful. So I decided to compile a couple of my favorite videos lately.

one// Brene Brown Listening to Shame
This one was actually suggested to me a couple days ago and as soon as I watched it I favorited it. I think its one of my favorites because  can really relate to it. I know its a little on the long side but she is very entertaining and totally on the money (wow what an oldie expression).

two//Ziauddin Yousafzai, My Daughter Malala
I think this post is just turning into my secret obsessions...... I just LOVE Malala and this talk in which her dad, Ziauddin, talks about growing up in Pakistan as a woman. Honestly Malala is a hero of mine and I loved hearing her dad talk, he is just so proud of her!

three//The Joys of Surfing in Ice-cold Water
I didn't know people surfed in ice-cold water or that they loved doing it. After watching this video I need to try this surfing!! Too bad I get cold too easily and I can't surf for the life of me, but those are just technicalities.

four//How to Control Someone Else's Arm With Your Brain
Literally the coolest demonstration thus far!! Its the coolest neuroscience demonstration I've ever seen. I really do agree with Greg Gage, they should put more neuroscience curriculum in schools. Neuroscience has to be more accessible to the general public.

Image result for ted
I totally recommend getting a TED account so you can favorite videos to watch again later or save videos and come back to them. They also send you weekly newsletters with videos you might enjoy. AND TED has an option in which they will customize a playlist just for you. So many perks and videos so little time!

Do you watch TED Talks too? Which is your favorite?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer SOULstice

Hello Loves,

June 21st is the first official day of summer! It is also National Wear Your Lilly Day! So basically its an exciting day all around. I went to the local botanical gardens for some free early morning yoga and some fun networking events. The Summer Solstice yoga was put on by Athleta and we went with our local Levo League. I definitely want to do more stuff with my local Levo League after this!! Of course I also had to wear my Lilly! Here are some pictures of my fun:

people trickling in
My sister and me
Look at that Bridge!

Downward Facing Dog
Warrior 1

Pre-yoga selfues
This was such a fun event! We got to meet all sorts of people and exercise. After yoga we had a Father's Day Lunch (while wearing my Lilly). I got so caught up in the lunching that I forgot to take pictures for you all! But I wore one of my oldie Lilly prints that they no longer make.
What did you do on the longest day of the year?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Essentials {Beach Getaway}

Hello My Fellow Beach Bums!!

Summer is definitely a perfect time for some fun in the sun! So in between your hard work at your internship (or wherever else you're working) and all the other fun adventures the beach/lake/pond/river/pool is always a great place to be!! Here are some of my favorites this summer:

I hope these inspire you to have a fun, water-filler summer!! Honestly I wish we had a pool float, I think its time for us to get one plus that one looks so fun!! And I need all these bathing suits..... I may have a shopping problem hahaha :D

What are you doing this summer?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Staycation

Hello Lovelies,

Since I'm working this summer I'll be staying home for the majority of it. Staying home is the perfect time to explore your city and make the most of what you have. While I'm super jealous of everyone's amazing adventures this summer and I can't wait for my own, having a staycation will definitely brighten up this summer.

As a child, my summer days were always jam packed. Now that I'm older and I'm in charge of my own day planning, my days are a lot slower with a lot more rest. While I've grown to love the restful aspect of my days having some adventures will cut up my potentially wasted days.

Hopefully this list will inspire you all to have an adventure filled summer!! I'm lucky enough to live in a diverse city with many different things available to me to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to translate it to your own hometown!

Picnic in your Favorite Spot

Go For A Bike Ride

Watch a Movie Outside

Go To A Drive In

Visit Your Local Farmer's Market

Volunteer At A Cause You're Passionate About

Find A Pen Pal

Go to the Beach/Mountain/Lake

Play in A Park

Get A Library Card

Go For Early Morning Runs

Watch The Sunrise or Sunset

Go To A Concert

Pick Up A Hobby

Try A New Restaurant

 Learn To Bake A Cake

Find The Best Ice Cream Store In Town

Make Brunch

Paddle Board

Boat Day

Live Like A Tourist

Pool Day

Go To The Shooting Range


Go Kayaking

I hope these ideas inspire you to have a really fun staycation! If I come up with anymore ideas I'll probably add some more! Do you have anymore ideas?

Have An Adventure!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Are You LinkedIn?

Hello Loves,

How many of you use or have heard of LinkedIn? Lately I've become somewhat obsessed with using LinkedIn. Like I mean constant updates and changes to my profile to make it as competitive and complete as possible. Along the way (and with a lot of research) I've actually learned some really important tips to make the best of your LinkedIn, so here are some tips of LinkedIn.

6 Secrets That Will Make You a LinkedIn Pro | Levo League |
        career 2, careeradvice, job search, Networking

1. Turn off your update notifications.
On LinkedIn there is a setting that allows your connections and followers to be notified of every update or change you make to your profile. Turn that notification off! Not only for privacy but it can also give the impression that you are looking for a job- even if you are not- this looks bad to employers.

2. Cast A Wide Net
Don't limit your connections to only 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Connect with as many people as possible, neighbors, family members, and professor. Make your network as wide as possible, you never know where a recommendation can come from!

3. Browse On The Down Low
Make it so people can't see you stalking them! Under your settings you can change your browsing settings so when you look at someone's profile they can see you as anonymous.

4. Get In A Group
Joining a group is a great way to meet people. If there's someone you want to get in contact with but you don't know them meeting through a group is a great, low pressure way to meet. Groups also have people with something in common which automatically connects them. You should join alumni groups, these will be great sources of connections for future jobs.

5. Be Available
This is pretty obvious, but make sure you have a way for potential employers to contact you. Have your email (a professional one) somewhere easy to find on your profile.

6. Let Keyword Search Work For You
Use specific keywords that are tailored for your possible career in order to be found through a search of those words. Employers can use keyword searches to find new employees and by using those keywords you will be easier to find.

7. Accurate Representation
Don't stretch or misrepresent your skills. Its perfectly find for you to be a beginner. By misrepresenting your skills you could potentially get into hot water.

8. Summarize Yourself
While I'm being completely hypocritical (because I can't write a summary of myself), its recommended to write a summary for your profile. This is a great way for potential employers to get a quick snapshot of you. Look at other people's summaries, preferably in the industry you want to work in, to model your summary after.

9. Personalize Connection Messages
When sending a new connection message to someone you recently met, don't send them the generic invitation message. Personalize the message so the person knows and remembers how they met you. This is vitally important when connecting with someone you met at a networking event.

10. Update, Update, Update
Before applying for a job make sure your profile is updated, crisp, concise, and complete. Your employer will probably look at your profile so make sure it will attract them.

Happy Job Hunting!

Friday, June 12, 2015


Hello Loves,

I have a bad problem in that I get obsessed with a kind of snack and I will basically only eat that snack and nothing else. My recent obsession is with Triscuits and granola bars. I am currently hoarding three boxes of Triscuits in my room (shh don't tell my mom). Did you know they have different flavors of Triscuits? Because I didn't and I'm basically in the process of finding and trying them all now.

My current favorite flavor has got to be the Wasabi and Soy Sauce Thin Crisps. Sadly, they don't usually sell it everywhere!! So everytime I find it I need to buy a ton. I also just bought the Sweet Potato and Sea Salt flavor the other day, they are very good but too sweet. The lightly salted ones are a perfect substitute for when I can't find my wasabi and soy sauce.

 As for the granola bars I really like the Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut. I usually take these to work with me as a snack. They are actually a lot more sweet that salty but the nuts themselves have a good salty bite. When it comes to Nature Valley bars you really can't go wrong. 
Have you noticed that wasabi and soy sauce flavored chips have become increasingly popular?
What are your snacks of choice this summer?

*These are all my personal opinions and I'm not getting compensated by any of these companies

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Creating A Signature

Hello Loves,

So this is something I've been wanting to do since I started this blog. I wanted a signature to sign my name when I signed off a post. I wanted something uniquely mine. For a while I did the


Sign off, but I wanted something more official. I have decided to use a website to create my signature that will reflect my personality and also be fun. I  made a bunch of different ones (decisions are hard) and finally decided on the one I have put on my posts lately. 

So what do you think?
Should I keep this sign off or change it?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bath & Body Works

Hello Y'all!!

Yesterday Bath and Body Works brought back six original fragrances that started it all!!! And they had a sale to kick off this momentous occasion!! Naturally, I could not stay away from BBWs since 3-wick candle sales are just my favorite thing in the world! The sale is also going on online so check it out!!

Here are some of my favorite things that I got!

Georgia Peach 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works
This is my hands down favorite candle of the mix!!

Honeysuckle 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works
Perfect Summer Scent

Mango Dragon Fruit 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works
I'm pretty sure I have an addiction

Kauai Lei Flower Crushed Coconut Body Scrub - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works
Love this one!! Its summer and the scrub is sand which is a natural scrub!

Forever Sunshine Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works
you can only find this one online, but I bought it when it was first released in stores and honestly it reminds me of summer and happiness.

Here's to a smell good summer!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Birthdays

Hello Loves,

Today is my sister and mom's birthday (twins)!!! So I decided to put together a summer birthday present guide. Later on this week I'll post about how the birthday went!! I find it hard to shop because I like personalizing presents to the person I'm buying them, hopefully this will give you ideas.

There will be more idea gift guides to come!

Happy Birthday and Happy Shopping

Friday, June 5, 2015

Round Up!

Hi Loves,

Its been a long week, I can't believe its finally Friday (and national donut day!). So I decided to share some of the things that have been on my radar this past week.

one//Showing Off Her Game Face
With the start of the Women's World Cup starting June 6th (which I will be watching!) this photographer decided to create the #GameFace Series. She asked girls aged 5 to 14 to show their fierce game faces! The result was amazing and I truly believe the future of the sport is in great hands! Can't wait to see the USA dominate this World Cup!

This Teen Is Using Her Graduation Dress to Support Human Rights Around the Globe

two// Graduation Dress for a Cause
Erinne Paisley from Victoria, British Colombia decided to save money on her graduation dress and use her old precalculus homework to make her dress. Her dress served as a reminder about how many girls in the world do not have the opportunity to purse secondary education. She then donated the money she would have used to buy the dress to the Malala Fund. Both girls are truly inspiring.

three// Japanese Dog Trends
There are some strange trends out there, this has got to be the strangest one I've seen in a while. The Japanese are now grooming their dogs to look like perfectly symmetrical cubes. I'm actually not completely opposed to this but they do look a bit cartoonish and ridiculous!


four// Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works is re-releasing six "heritage" fragrances for a limited time. Prepare yourselves because this happens on Monday!!! Clearly I'm going to have to spend all my money here.... #oops? Make sure to check out the traditional scents.

Happy Friday!!

Free Donut Day!!!

Hello My Fellow Donut Fiends,

Today is free donut day at Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme. It happens every year and every year it ties as the best day ever with Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's. All you have to do is go to Dunkin' Donuts or Krispy Kreme today and ask for your free donut. Then celebrate happiness in donut form.

Donuts are my favorite sweet treat that isn't ice cream. The other day my sisters and I went to a nitrogen ice cream place here in town (basically the best ice cream ever) and one of my sisters made a "police" ice cream which was coffee ice cream with a donut! Clearly she combined my two favorite things!!

You can have your donut and eat it too