Monday, June 29, 2015

4th of July {Party Ideas}

Hello Loves,

Summer is a perfect time for BBQs and hanging out with friends. Of course with any party you need to have appropriate comes Pinterest!! I am a fully fledged Pinterest addict (I think at this point I'm just addicted to everything). Pinterest has some adorable ideas for some easy DIY decorations for the Fourth. Here are some of my personal favorites that I will probably have to try out.

Decorative Utensil Jars
instead of setting the table get containers (oatmeal containers work), wrap them in decorative wrapping paper securing them with tape. Add an adhesive chalkboard label and get creative!

Fun Centerpieces
Cover vases with tricolored lanterns, then place them on the tables as fun centerpieces. 

Glass Labels
Turn plain drinking glasses into fun, patriotic ones (temporarily) for the holiday! Using shears cut bands of red and white plaid oilcloth to fit around the glasses. Sew or glue a white oilcloth rectangle to the center of the band then glut the ends of the red and white band together to fit around the glass. Provide permanent markers for guest to write their names.

Fair-Style Berry Cones
Use sturdy wax paper to make cones, fill the cones with seasonal berries. You can put the cones in vases or boxes to keep on the tables as a centerpiece and a yummy snack or dessert!

Patriotic Buckets
Display famous words from the Declaration of Independence on galvanized tubs. Coat the tubs with white metal primer. Then paint each tub a different shade of blue. *buy deep blue exterior paint and dilute with white exterior paint to get lighter hues. Use letter stickers to spell out words on the tubs. Fill with ice to hold drinks or frozen treats, or use without ice to hold sparkles for some 4th of July fun.

Completely clean the inside and outside of tin cans. Spray paint the can blue, after it dries glue white stars to it. Hot glue white and red ribbons to the inside ribbon of the can. On the bottom of the can use a screwdriver and a hammer to make two holes. Knot the twine on the inside of the can in order to be able to hang it. 

Painted Lawn Stars
Using cardboard, cut out stars. As a stencil on the grass, spray paint the stars: red, white, and blue. Its a quick and fun way to make your yard patriotic!

I hope all your Fouths are fun and festive, hopefully with some decorations! I really want to try spray painting our lawn! It'll be fun and really cool. Honestly I just really love the color combination and food being red, white, and blue. Its just such a perfect summer holiday

What are y'all doing for the Fourth of July?