Monday, June 15, 2015

Are You LinkedIn?

Hello Loves,

How many of you use or have heard of LinkedIn? Lately I've become somewhat obsessed with using LinkedIn. Like I mean constant updates and changes to my profile to make it as competitive and complete as possible. Along the way (and with a lot of research) I've actually learned some really important tips to make the best of your LinkedIn, so here are some tips of LinkedIn.

6 Secrets That Will Make You a LinkedIn Pro | Levo League |
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1. Turn off your update notifications.
On LinkedIn there is a setting that allows your connections and followers to be notified of every update or change you make to your profile. Turn that notification off! Not only for privacy but it can also give the impression that you are looking for a job- even if you are not- this looks bad to employers.

2. Cast A Wide Net
Don't limit your connections to only 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Connect with as many people as possible, neighbors, family members, and professor. Make your network as wide as possible, you never know where a recommendation can come from!

3. Browse On The Down Low
Make it so people can't see you stalking them! Under your settings you can change your browsing settings so when you look at someone's profile they can see you as anonymous.

4. Get In A Group
Joining a group is a great way to meet people. If there's someone you want to get in contact with but you don't know them meeting through a group is a great, low pressure way to meet. Groups also have people with something in common which automatically connects them. You should join alumni groups, these will be great sources of connections for future jobs.

5. Be Available
This is pretty obvious, but make sure you have a way for potential employers to contact you. Have your email (a professional one) somewhere easy to find on your profile.

6. Let Keyword Search Work For You
Use specific keywords that are tailored for your possible career in order to be found through a search of those words. Employers can use keyword searches to find new employees and by using those keywords you will be easier to find.

7. Accurate Representation
Don't stretch or misrepresent your skills. Its perfectly find for you to be a beginner. By misrepresenting your skills you could potentially get into hot water.

8. Summarize Yourself
While I'm being completely hypocritical (because I can't write a summary of myself), its recommended to write a summary for your profile. This is a great way for potential employers to get a quick snapshot of you. Look at other people's summaries, preferably in the industry you want to work in, to model your summary after.

9. Personalize Connection Messages
When sending a new connection message to someone you recently met, don't send them the generic invitation message. Personalize the message so the person knows and remembers how they met you. This is vitally important when connecting with someone you met at a networking event.

10. Update, Update, Update
Before applying for a job make sure your profile is updated, crisp, concise, and complete. Your employer will probably look at your profile so make sure it will attract them.

Happy Job Hunting!