Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Book Club: June 2015

Hello Fellow Book Clubbers!!

This is a club for books and June has been a good month to go clubbing!! I basically choose my books out of a list that I made (and keep adding on to) a while back. I get the different suggestions from different people, blog posts, and pinterest articles. Then randomly on my list I pick whatever sounds good at that moment, I think intuitively I pick books that I needed at that moment. This month I started off with Jane Austen's Emma.

one// Emma by Jane Austen
So I read Pride and Prejudice two years ago and afterwards I was kind of obsessed with Jane Austen. That's why I had to put Emma on my list. I always have a really hard time getting through her books (look and old #oops), but I really enjoy her books. Emma is different from Pride and Prejudice which makes is an even more fun read! Promise me, just stick with it. Even if it takes a long time (like it does for me).

What have you been reading?