Friday, June 5, 2015

Round Up!

Hi Loves,

Its been a long week, I can't believe its finally Friday (and national donut day!). So I decided to share some of the things that have been on my radar this past week.

one//Showing Off Her Game Face
With the start of the Women's World Cup starting June 6th (which I will be watching!) this photographer decided to create the #GameFace Series. She asked girls aged 5 to 14 to show their fierce game faces! The result was amazing and I truly believe the future of the sport is in great hands! Can't wait to see the USA dominate this World Cup!

This Teen Is Using Her Graduation Dress to Support Human Rights Around the Globe

two// Graduation Dress for a Cause
Erinne Paisley from Victoria, British Colombia decided to save money on her graduation dress and use her old precalculus homework to make her dress. Her dress served as a reminder about how many girls in the world do not have the opportunity to purse secondary education. She then donated the money she would have used to buy the dress to the Malala Fund. Both girls are truly inspiring.

three// Japanese Dog Trends
There are some strange trends out there, this has got to be the strangest one I've seen in a while. The Japanese are now grooming their dogs to look like perfectly symmetrical cubes. I'm actually not completely opposed to this but they do look a bit cartoonish and ridiculous!


four// Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works is re-releasing six "heritage" fragrances for a limited time. Prepare yourselves because this happens on Monday!!! Clearly I'm going to have to spend all my money here.... #oops? Make sure to check out the traditional scents.

Happy Friday!!