Friday, June 26, 2015

Round Up

Hello Loves,

I just like love these things that I've found this week. I hope you enjoy them too.

one// 29 Kids Were Asked To Complete A Sentence Starting with 'I Will'
These Polish kids write what they will do. It is absolutely inspiring and amazing just how high they aim. This little girl will be happy and beautiful, At the same time it is so sad that she does not see herself as beautiful. I like that it is "I Will" meaning that it will happen not just a hope or a dream.

two// People Go Without Looking At A Mirror For A Week
This is such an interesting experiment. At first glance I had no idea how it was going to go but I'm so happy with the outcome. It really is such an inspiring video! I think we should all avoid mirrors more often haha. 

Still, thousands of women and girls bravely stand up for freedom, and support each other.
three// Showing Off Their Hair
These Iranian woman are protesting the law that requires women to cover their hair. While they protest the law there are women that choose to wear the headscarves but do not believe everyone should be required to. This is the important difference. Masih Alinejad is fiercely brave!

Whats been on your radar?