Friday, June 12, 2015


Hello Loves,

I have a bad problem in that I get obsessed with a kind of snack and I will basically only eat that snack and nothing else. My recent obsession is with Triscuits and granola bars. I am currently hoarding three boxes of Triscuits in my room (shh don't tell my mom). Did you know they have different flavors of Triscuits? Because I didn't and I'm basically in the process of finding and trying them all now.

My current favorite flavor has got to be the Wasabi and Soy Sauce Thin Crisps. Sadly, they don't usually sell it everywhere!! So everytime I find it I need to buy a ton. I also just bought the Sweet Potato and Sea Salt flavor the other day, they are very good but too sweet. The lightly salted ones are a perfect substitute for when I can't find my wasabi and soy sauce.

 As for the granola bars I really like the Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut. I usually take these to work with me as a snack. They are actually a lot more sweet that salty but the nuts themselves have a good salty bite. When it comes to Nature Valley bars you really can't go wrong. 
Have you noticed that wasabi and soy sauce flavored chips have become increasingly popular?
What are your snacks of choice this summer?

*These are all my personal opinions and I'm not getting compensated by any of these companies