Friday, July 3, 2015

A Crafty Wino

Hello Loves,

This year most of my friends turned 21!! Its always just an exciting time. I stumbled across the idea of a decorated wine glass. They have a ton of them on Esty, but since I'm bad at planning there was no way I was going to get the glass in on time. Since I had made my little a decorated coffee mug I decided why don't I make my decorated wine glass?? I went for it and it went really well. I'm on my fourth Sharpie DIY wine glass so I decided to share with y'all.

What you'll need:
-A wine glass of your choosing (Bed, Bath, and Beyond sells individual ones)
-Sharpie (personally I invested in oil based sharpies)
-An oven
-A cookie sheet
-Pinterest or your own inspiration

Crafting Time!!

1. Buy your wine glass. Clean the glass with rubbing alcohol.

2. Go on Pinterest and find some inspiration for your wine glass

3. Pick out what you want to write on the glass. This time I picked out "Sip Happens..." I like personalizing it so I put the person's name on the glass as well.
4. Once you have written what you want tape it on the inside of the wine glass and trace it. If you make a mistake quickly use nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to take it off.

5. Place the wine glass upside down on a cookie sheet in the oven while it is preheating to 200F.

Once it reaches 200F bake for 1hr. Then leave the glass in the oven until it completely cools off


I was told that baking it makes it dishwasher safe. But I'm not sure thats true so I would be weary about the dishwasher. I put tissue paper in the glass to make it more festive!

"I just rescued some wine it was trapped in a bottle"
I made this last one for my best friend! They are so fun and easy to make. Just a little time consuming so keep that in mind!

Happy Crafting