Monday, July 20, 2015

A Day In The Life: Summer Internship

Hello Loves!!

I know I've talked about my internship! But I haven't really touched on what I've been doing other than that. I have fairly crazy busy days! I feel like I'm always running around from one place to the other, but I wouldn't want it any other way! Although summers are usually reserved for more laid back times I really like having a schedule to stick to.

At work my day varies depending on what I have to do that day! And sometimes if its slow in the office I'll be checking my email, pinterest, facebook, blog, etc. Its so funny how varied the days can feel but ultimately they pretty much stay the same day to day.

Usually Fridays and weekends are the most varied and different! I usually go out with friends Friday nights or stay up even later. I have a problem with getting to sleep at a reasonable time. But I'm trying really hard to work on it. I am enjoying having both my sisters home so we do end up hanging out a lot and doing a lot of things together. Some times work takes over my weekends as well so it feels like I'm constantly at the office!
Illustrations via this fabulous illustrator
Do y'all have a routine or prefer to stay free all summer?
I'd love to know!