Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back To School {Dorm Shopping}

Hello Loves,

Well I guess its time to face the music and accept that in less than one month, we are moving back to school. Now don't get me wrong I love college and all of my friends coming back to school! Yet I'm going to miss this incredibly fun and chill summer, going back to school means going back to the absolute insane schedules and constant business. Its a different pace, one I love, but also I could use a couple more weeks of summer. I think going back this year is particularly hard because I'm going to be a senior, making it my last year (excuse me while I go cry for three days now).

One of the most important and difficult parts of college is getting dorm ready! You want to give your room its own style but you also don't want it to be cluttered and too busy. Its a hard balance to strike.

Remember that college beds are Twin XL which is not the same size as the regular twin size. When it comes to bedding, I suggest cute and functional. Remember a lot of people will be going in and out of your room so you don't want something in which the dirty is easily seen. You also want bedding and sheets that make making your bed easy! You also want to get a mattress protector and padding.

Get a bath caddy!! Chances are you will be sharing bathroom with a roommate or even your whole floor. This means that you don't want to leave your bathroom supplies in the bathroom for everyone to use. You also want to get shower sandals. Sometimes you'll have the opportunity to decorate your bathroom with your own shower curtain, I'd suggest getting one that is easy to clean but isn't too dark. Dark shower curtains will make your shower very dark and hard to see.

three//Storage & Organization
When it comes to dorms, space is invaluable! You don't want to clutter your room with too many things. You need to have a nice clean and crisp way of keeping your stuff organized. You want to go for function over looks here.

If you are planning on joining a sorority I wouldn't go too intense on decor because you'll get a ton of stuff for Big Little Week. If you still want to decorate try picking a theme or color scheme. By tying in your bedding, a rug, curtains, and a couple of other items your room can look immaculately decorated with little effort.

Some people suggest getting printers, I don't think they are all that necessary. You school will have printers. What you really need is a laptop, phone (and charger), and an alarm clock. Don't over do it with the stuff, remember space is limited!

Hampers, drying racks,vacuums, oh my!! While detergent is a given, I wouldn't suggest getting too fancy with your laundry. Bring clothes that are easy to wash and don't require extra maintenance (you'll be too busy for that). Some people get irons and ironing boards, but I suggest throwing it in the drying and taking your clothes out hot to remove wrinkles.

There's always some random odds and ends that you may need. Like a rug or curtains or an extra chair or lights. Some other extras can include kitchen supplies like coffee makers (saves bank on Starbucks!)

Dorm room shopping can be a very stressful process! Don't worry though, just take your time and pick things that are functional and cute. You don't have to get the most expensive stuff because most of the stuff is not going to be used that much more after college. Keep it simple and enjoy your time!

How did you decorate your room?
*none of this is sponsered they are just my personal veiws