Sunday, July 5, 2015

How We Celebrated 4th of July

Hello Loves,

The Fourth of July is probably one of my favorite holidays of all time. Its really the perfect way to celebrate summer, America, friends, and family. We always go to the same place to watch the most amazing fireworks. We have a picnic for dinner and walk around the golf course exploring. It always gets super packed but it never feels packed. Then after the fireworks are over we get ice cream.

I made some star shaped bread

Lets go fly a kite!

It was a beautiful day

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July with a lot of fun, family, friends, and of course fireworks. Please remember that the Fourth is a day to give thanks for all the freedoms we are so lucky to have. Thanks to all the people that have so bravely fought for our freedoms. Thank you all for allowing me and my family to live free and happy.

G-d Bless