Friday, July 10, 2015

My Favorite Boards

Hello Loves,

As I've said about a million times, I am obsessed with Pinterest. I decided to share some of my favorite boards that I follow. I had such a hard time narrowing it down, but I finally got it! I took a little from everything from hair to career advice to random tips and tricks!

Love the inspiration this one has. I literally love looking at different hairstyles, I just want to try them all. I need someone who will just sit for me while I play with their hair all day. Its been hard lately since both my sister and I cut our hair short, but its almost at the perfect length to play with again!!

I love this one even if its just for how it looks. It looks so clean and crisp. I want to live inside this Pinterest board! 

Obsessed with this one! It seems like everyone around me is getting married or engaged these days. I'm nowhere close to that happening but a girl can dream right? I follow too many wedding and engagement blogs but this one probably has some of my favorite inspirations for myself. 

This one is literally a dream. If I could do hair and make up like Steph my life would be made! Shes pretty much perfection and her hairstyles are fantastic.

This one is super cute. You learn many creative DIYs that are useful. They are cute for parties, decorations, and other general useful things, I really love crafting and this board has so many different ideas, very varied and creative.

Will I ever get bored of hairstyle boards? NO! This one is super cute. It has a wide variety of hairstyles and ideas. I promise I will make more hairstyle posts in the near future.

This one makes me soooo hungry!! Everything looks delicious and I just want to get up and bake. Granted I hate cooking, but I would make these desserts. I don't know how Michelle Barneck does it but she always finds the yummiest things. I swear I repin half her stuff.

This one is basically my go to for all things career. I know I've posted a ton about Levo League, but man is it good! And as a 20-something I feel like I can benefit from learning as much as possible. Levo League has a bunch of different boards that are all career helpful and all of them lead to useful links!

This one is a guilty pleasure. Doing my nails is my "me time" every week. I like deciding on colors and possible designs then sitting down and painting my nails. This board has all sorts of inspiration (mostly things I can only dream of doing). They have the cutest colors! 

This one is literally so useful. It's all those tricks that your mom has that makes her your mom and you sit there thinking "well I don't know these tricks I can never be a mother"-no? thats just me? It could just be me, but it really does have all those little tips and tricks!

What are your favorite Pinterest boards?