Monday, July 6, 2015

Netflix: What I Watch

Hello Love,

You could say I'm a little addicted to Netflix. Its a hard habit to kick, especially when you don't even have to press the next button for it to continue. I blame Netflix really, it sucks us it!!! But I have found some TV shows that I really like and other shows that just added their recent seasons!!

one// Scandal
LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! Literally want to be Olivia Pope. I don't want to have her job (because eck politics) but I want her confidence, her power, her respect. She literally amazes me. Don't they always say work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself?

two// Grey's Anatomy
I wish I could say I've been a fan of this show from the beginning but I was too young to get hooked when it first came out, but that has not stopped me! I got hooked a couple of years ago and have not looked back since. Having all 11 seasons on Netflix leaves for plenty of binge watching opportunities!!

three// Criminal Minds
Crime shows are my thing! Criminal Minds is hands down my favorite crime show. Its not just your basic CSI but it includes the psychological way of narrowing down suspects. Plus Dr. Reid is adorable and Derek Morgan is soooooooo hot!! So those two alone make the show worthwhile haha. Plus Garcia is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Image result for daredevil netflix
four// Daredevil
Superheroes! Secret identities, saving the world. All my favorite things. This show has the right amount of action, drama, heroism, and suspense. It is a great mix and just totally addicting!! I will cry so many tears if Netflix doesn't make a second season.

five// Bloodline
If you think your family is messed up or crazy? Wait until you meet this one. They don't even look sane at first glance! But really perfect is overrated! This show really is an interesting mystery type show and you want nothing more than to know whats happening. Just give it a little while to get hooked

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six// Gilmore Girls
Yes this one came out on Netflix a while ago, but no you can never get bored of it. Its like Friends (which is also a great show). These are binge watch worthy. They are so good that you will watch them over and over again.

There's nothing wrong with your Netflix addiction. Be proud. Admit all your shows. Watch them over and over again. Binge watch. Get together with friends and explore new shows. One woman I work with likes to watch Chinese soap operas while eating Chinese take out, she says its like she's actually there! Enjoy your Netflixing!!

What shows are your favorites? Any recommendations?