Friday, July 17, 2015

Round Up!

Hello Loves!

This has been an interesting and crazy week! I've been really busy with work and traveling, but along the way I found some really fun articles. I like particularly like these pieces of news. I'm not a huge fan of the Rebecca story because although its "feel good" it's also incredibly sad but I think it should be shared.

one// 25 Famous Women Best Advice
I love this article! It is 25 famous women giving us the best advice they have ever received! So basically we get 25 times the best advice! They have some very wise mentors.

Rebecca had previously fulfilled the other items on her list, which including kissing a boy in the rain and going to Spain. Her sisters and cousins found the list on her bed shortly after she died 

two//For Rebecca
This teenager fulfilled her bucket list in the most inspiring and sad way. She is an inspiration of selflessness but I wish that she didn't have to pass away along the way.

Image: Dorothy Olsen

three// WWII Plane Pilot Honored
One of 1,000 female soldiers that were Fighter Pilots during WWII, Dorothy Olson got a special birthday present. Its amazing how brave she was flying over 22 different kinds of planes in the 1940s. And definitely an awesome birthday to be remembered!

four//Pluto has an Earthly Visit!
Pluto is my favorite planet! I was so upset when it was no longer deemed a planet! But now finally we have reached the outskirts of out solar system and taken pictures of the lovely Pluto.

These are just somethings I've been enjoying this week
What's your favorite news of the week?