Monday, July 13, 2015

The BIG 2-1

Hello Loves!!

Friday was my birthday!! I went out and celebrated with some friends. It really was such a fun 21st. Since my birthday is in the middle of summer no one is really here to celebrate with me. Most of my friends either don't live here anymore or they were out of town! It's weird how college works like that, you make the greatest friends but ultimately you don't live in the same places.

I started off my day with balloons! It was so cute!! (They also attacked me in the face a little haha)

Even google wished me a happy birthday so that was pretty special!!

Later on at work we had a Potluck! It was super fun and really cut into the day at work which is always great!

Once I got home my room was decorated with a poster of 21 things to do for my birthday! Sadly I forgot the poster at home so I'll have to try them another time at a bar haha.

Hanging out with my balloons! Does anyone else love balloons as much as I do for your birthday? They're just so fun!

Celebrating with the best :)

What kind of birthday would it be without some strattiness?

My best friend and little before we even knew big little was a thing <3 br="">

My DD and Little sister! Where would I be without this one?

Look at this sexy pirate ;)

Bar by the water means lots of harbor pics haha.

16 years later I can't imagine my life and birthday without these lovely sisters. They are the best sisters anyone could ask for. We even did this little recreation of my first birthday celebration with both my sisters! I turned five years old when my baby sister was born and now at 21 they are still the best people to celebrate with. Every day and on my day I'm so grateful they are in my life.

How did you celebrate your birthday this year?