Friday, July 24, 2015

The Dysfunctional Pair Takes Boston

Hello loves!

This passed weekend I had a lovely little getaway to Boston! Last time I was in Boston was over four years ago and only for one night. Man, does time fly! I went to visit my best friend. She goes to college in Boston so she took me around town to her favorite places and obviously to very touristy places. I think I needed more time there because it really just wasn't enough to see everything!

(flying means Tomato juice #sorrynotsorry)

I flew into Boston Thursday afternoon. Then I made my way onto the T (I had no idea what I was doing but I'm pretty decent at winging it!). Once I got my Maddy's house we ordered in dinner and I checked my emails and such. Later that night we went dancing at a college type bar near her house. They had a really fun cover band and a lot of fun dancing! 

Friday we went to the Lawn on D and then the Prudential shopping centers. It was so fun and very cool. I find that traveling and visiting other people is an experiment in living their routine. Its actually very hard to do!! I like waking up early and moving fast with a plan, Maddy is pretty much the opposite. So we kind of started our days late and moved slowly :(. Other than that it was so fun!

 At Davis Square we saw fresh pasta being made! When we walked by the Boston marathon Finish line I obviously had to take a picture (plus some times I'm really funny)

We were able to watch a really cool dance at a local Artist Art Festival! Her dancing was to bless us all with beauty and peace!

On Saturday after the art fair, we went to the Museum of Science, Boston. It was such a cool place and we got to learn so much. They even had ducklings hatching there! We also went to the planetarium that night, I love looking at the stars! It really is a must see if you have time in Boston.

Who's foot is bigger? Maddy's or the T-Rex's?

On Sunday we went to brunch then walked along the harbor. We went to the cutest little place, that was absolutely packed! And for good reason too, it was delicious!! I had the most amazing eggs benedict that literally filled me for the whole day. Brunch is probably one of my most favorite meals.

At the harbor we went to the Boston Tea Party museum (I really think I'm so funny!)

At Harvard Square, I wandered into the cutest, most amazing chocolate place! I ate a chocolate square that was so decadent and so amazing. I wish I remembered the name of the place, but its definitely somewhere I want to go back.

On Monday, I took the T out to Boston Commons and embarked on the Freedom Trail. I am telling you this is a MUST DO!!!! You get to see all the different historical sites while walking along the beautiful city of Boston. It was a 2.5 mile walk (even though you don't have to do it all I highly recommend it). I made it all the way to Little Italy and over the Charles River to the USS. Constitution. This walk was probably the highlight of my entire trip.

My flight back home had the most beautiful sun falling off the edge of the world over Washington D.C. I just love everything about traveling and flying. Especially sitting at the window seat and watch the plane take off and land. I love seeing myself within the clouds! Its magical.

Where did you travel this summer?