Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weekend Getaway: Packing Light

Hello Travelers!

I'm not doing much traveling this summer, but I did just go to Boston for the weekend to visit my best friend! I had so much fun. Since it was just a weekend trip, I travelled with carry-ons only. Its so much easier and quicker to travel with carry-ons only. I try to do that whenever possible. Since I mostly travel with carry-ons and I have crazy, obsessive packing skills (oops) so I manage to fit a lot in tiny spaces.

Packing for a trip is one of the hardest parts of the whole trip! I find it incredibly difficult to pack when I don't have a set itinerary of things I am going to do on the trip. Its easy to pack when you know what you need the clothes for. Since I had no set plans just vague ideas I felt like I was packing for an entire month instead of a weekend!

one// Check the Weather
Before deciding which cute shorts, dresses, or pants to take with you make sure they are weather appropriate! You don't want to take a bunch of sweaters (that take up space) when the temperature is going to be in the 90s.

two// Make A List
Make a list of everything you need to bring. This includes a phone charger, headphones, toothbrush, and even socks. This is to make sure that you don't forget those small things that always slip your mind! (I always forget my pjs!) Then you can check off all your items to make sure you don't foget anything.

three// Plan your Outfits
The most important part of packing your carry ons is to pack outfits that you can mix and match this includes jewlery. By having a couple of bottoms and tops that can be switched you automatically double the amount of outfits with half the amount of clothes. Set out the clothes you want to take in order to plan mixing and matching.

four// Wrinkle Free Clothes
Try to pick clothes that are considered wrinkle free. This is clothes that doesn't wrinkle easily in a suitcase. You don't want to pack your clothes tight then not be able to use them because they are so bunched. This is super important when you aren't going to have access to an iron or drier.

five// Strategic Packing
Wear your bulkiest clothes (specifically shoes) on the plane in order to have more room in your suitcase. Pack your shoes in the bottom and build it in layers from there. You want to roll up shirts in order to have more room.

six// Suitcase and Purse
The suitcase is for the majority of clothing and shoes and any other large necessities you won't be needing during the flight. Your purse is for the things you need close to you at all times, like a wallet, keys, book to read, headphones, etc. Sometimes if something doesn't fit in my suitcase but its small enough for my purse I'll just slip it in my purse. Its all about being flexible and solving the packing puzzle.

Enjoy your travels!