Monday, July 27, 2015

Wok Cooking Class

Hello Loves!

I don't know how many of you have heard of the Levo League (I have talked about it before). But this passed weekend my local chapter had a Wok Cooking class. It was super fun! We learned how to use a wok in order to cook healthy, one pot meals in thirty minutes. I also got to meet a ton of amazing women that live in my city. A star chef, Eleanor, taught us how to use the wok properly and effectively. While I usually hate cooking* I am very excited to try out these new techniques.

The class was not exactly what I expected. I thought we were each going to have our own stations and try our hand at wokking, but that wasn't how it went. Instead Chef Hoh would cook and she'd have one other person help her out at a time. My sister volunteered to cook at one point. I didn't haha. I really just enjoyed watching, taste testing, and networking with the other women that attended. 

Here's my sister cooking some nice, fresh veggies! I think wok cooking the veggies is absolutely the way to go. They were so crispy and flavourful. 

I'm being a wok star :)

One of our final products. This was tilapia that was cooked in the wok. First we cooked the veggies in order to cook them thoroughly then we took the veggies out and put them on a plate. Afterwards we made a sauce and thickened it in the wok, we then put the fish in the sauce. It took barely five minutes to cook the tilapia completely. We then put the fish on the veggies. The sauce was thickened again and put on the fish. It was like a stir fry curry mix! It was so delicious.

After the class we became certified Wok Stars, like rock stars but with woks in the kitchen haha. I'm so excited to try the tilapia technique for dinner one of these nights. What do you like to cook when you're short on time?

Happy Cooking
*I know how to cook, I just hate doing it!