Monday, August 24, 2015

Aerial Yoga Class

Hello Loves,

Funny story on how I ended up signed up for aerial yoga classes. My mom was shopping for my birthday present and as a total joke asked me if I was interested in aerial yoga classes. Unfortunately for her, I have been wanting to try aerial yoga for such a long time, so I said yes! Her and my sisters' faces were priceless!! My mom actually bought it for me! I got five classes of aerial yoga.

When I walked into class, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The studio is absolutely beautiful, very cute and cozy! Perfect for yoga! There were about twelve aerial fabrics hanging from the roof. There was no orange one so I picked a blue one.

For me, hanging upside down was by far the scariest part. Once I was upside down it was okay, but it was the getting there that was hard! We had such cool positions, I wish I had more pictures.

I loved this one! It felt like I was flying!! Its kind of incredible to think that we were hanging by just a piece of fabric. I really enjoyed doing this pose, it was so fun to just hang like that. It was fun to also do downward dog with the fabric, I feel like I actually got more of a stretch with it. I was even able to do a handstand!!!

I will definitely be going again! Not just because I have five more classes but also because I loved the yoga class. It was such a good workout and stretch! I will be dragging some friends along with me next time (hopefully then I'll get more pictures!) The yogi that taught our class also teaches a candlelight class which sounds amazing! So I'll have to try that one.

Do you like yoga?