Monday, August 10, 2015

Back To School {School Supplies}

Hello Loves,

Can you believe that school starts in less than a month??? Its crazy to think I'll be going into my senior year of college this year! With all these years of schooling under my belt you'd think I'd be better at the whole Back-To-School shopping thing. Honestly it tangles me up, there's too many things out there! And they have to be cute and functional AND work with the classes I have this upcoming semester.

I always have a hard time deciding what I need for class. I feel like I always end up packing too much but at the same time I feel like I'm missing a ton of stuff. Here I put together some things that I feel like we all need, obviously there will be more things! I guess this is just the bare necessities. 
I am OBSESSED with my planner!! It is my life. If its not on my planner then it will not be happening, that's basically how my life functions. This year is the first year I have the Erin Condren Lifeplanner. I started my obsession with Lilly Pulitzer's agendas but I like this one better. A lot of my friends also love the Kate Spade agendas.

two// Water Bottle 
I first got a water bottle to force myself to drink more water, now I can't leave my house without it. I have a red camelbak with Chi Omega stickers on it. By having a water bottler I'm forced to drink more water; therefore, staying more hydrated. I never realized what a positive impact drinking more water would have on my life!

three// Umbrella 
Where I go to school it rains quite a lot. Now its not rainboots and raincoat rain but its definitely umbrella weather. Since the rain usually comes out of nowhere and you don't want to get stranded, I always carry my umbrella in my purse. 

four// Tumbler
Love tumblers! Obsessed with them! Drinking out of straws is just so much more fun. If I don't have my water bottle, I'll have my tumbler (or a reusable coffee cup.....) Basically the gist is I always have something to drink with me.

five// Hair Ties 
As a girl, I am always in need of hair ties. They break, I lose them, they walk away.... I swear I'm always on the hunt for more hair ties. Now I'm not a huge fan of how hair ties look on my wrist and I love bracelets so with these hair ties I have a both hair ties AND cute bracelets. Could we ask for more?

six// Highlighter 
Highlighters are an integral part of studying, at least for me! It helps me get through rough biology books and look study hours. Highlighters help me cut through the craziness of school and get into exactly what I need.

seven// Post-its 
I live fore Post-it notes! Basically the paper my planner, desk, books, and anywhere else I can put them. They are perfect for quick notes and for bookmarks!

eight// iPhone Charger
I always walk around with my phone charger. Its always in a pouch in my purse no matter what. I'm constantly on my phone, especially on snapchat which is a huge battery drainer, so I really need to have my charger just in case! It would be awful to get stranded without a phone!

nine// Pencils 
I'm not good at using pens! Everyone thinks college is no more pencils and only pens! Thank goodness that's not true.!! I like the erasable part of pencils because I'm constantly making mistakes. 

ten// Wire Holders 
Super important for desks! My wires are always all over the floor and getting tangled then I run over them with my desk chair. Having them easily accessible and not under my chair is literally the best part of these little things.

eleven// Notebooks
These are pretty much a given for school. I know some people prefer to just take notes on their laptops, but I find that I get easily distracted when I'm on my laptop during class. Having the write things down make it more likely that I'll be paying close attention to my professor.

There's obviously a ton of things missing like a variety of different notebooks for different classes. A laptop is important as well and obviously a bag to keep all the stuff. I personally always use a purse or tote bag but backpacks are good ideas too. Maybe fun shopping will get me excited for school?

Are you ready for school?