Friday, August 14, 2015

Bama Bound.....AGAIN

Hello Loves,

Well its that time of the year again, in which we drop my sister off at school! My mom has been planning this trip meticulously. From the time we are leaving (4-5am) to when we are doing when we get to Alabama. It is going to be a great time. My sister has set some fun places and events we must do and see. I can't wait until we get there. Planning a road trip is actually a lot more difficult than it sounds. There's a lot of little things involved.

one// Decide where you are going
First things first, pick your destination. While roadtrips with no real end in sight sounds fun and adventurous, it really is unrealistic! By having a destination you can have a great place to spend a couple of days after a long drive.

two//Plan out your trip
Google maps is your new best friend!! Google different routes to take to your destination. Check out some fun sightseeing places along the way. Take the scenic route. You can only find these things if you google your destination and route. To make your road trip a journey you need to make time for the sights and the scenic route.

three// Make an itinerary
Remember that the drive includes there and back, if you are taking the same route both ways then you want to scatter and spread out your sights. If you are taking different routes then you want to make sure you plan ample time to spend at each site. By having an itinerary you will have your entire plan in front of you. It doesn't have to be super detailed, but it can be a perfect outline. *TIP* the earlier in the day you leave the more time you have for sightseeing!!

four//Pack accordingly
Since you're in the car you have the ability to pack more things in more variety. Keep in mind that everything that's packed in the car can be seen through the window making you an easy target to thieves, they know you're tourists! You want to pack for the weather, comfort both there and in the car, and for all the different things you plan on doing. Don't forget to pack supplies to have fun in the car!

five//Make the ride fun
Always make a fun, upbeat roadtrip playlist. It puts everyone in the mood to drive and enjoy long hours in the car. Plan things to do in the car to keep the driver awake & alert and the passengers entertained. Don't forget to pack snacks and water.

six//Get multiple drivers
Driving is very exhausting. You might not feel it at first but after certain amount of hours in the car it becomes incredible exhausting. Tired driving is just or even more dangerous than drunk driving. By having multiple people the driving can be shared and having several people in the car awake can keep the driver awake as well!

I'm so excited to go back to Alabama to drop my sister off. Its a 14 hour drive for us. We are bringing a bunch of stuff for her house. We are leaving around 5 in the morning to get there as early as possible. We are more interested in exploring Alabama than the sights along the way. We already got snacks (Lay's new flavors) and chocolate, obviously! This is our last trip before school starts :(
One last summer roadtrip?