Friday, August 7, 2015

Coconut Oil Uses {A Series}

Hello Loves,

For some time now coconut oil has been a very popular, multipurpose item. I've always used it in my hair as a dry scalp treatment. But recently my mom decided to use it as a face mask. Since she used it as a face mask I decided it was time to start trying coconut oil for other things too! After doing some research I've found some uses that I really want to try.

Crack Elbows


Under Eye Bags Be Gone

Body Scrub

Make-Up Brushes

Bath Oil

Cracked Heels

Nails & Cuticle Cream

I'm looking forward to trying all these different uses of the coconut oil and reporting back! I hope you all will try them with me!

What other uses for coconut oil do you have?