Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How To Use A Planner

Hello Loves,

As I mentioned in my School Supplies post, I am OBSESSED with my daily planner. It holds my life. I wouldn't know where to be or what to do if it weren't for my planner. I currently have the Erin Condren Chi Omega Life Planner. They don't have any of the sorority planners in stock right now, but I think they will be getting back in stock soon!

Usually around this time of the year (yay school!) my memory is completely shot! There's so many things going on that half the time I forget what I said I was going to do as soon as I say things. If its not written down, chances are its not happening! 

I like my basic planner with lots of space to write things down. I like being able to see things laid out in front of me. My current planner has monthly calendars then weekly calendars. The weekly calendars are broken down by days and by time. Having it all broken down like that really helps keep my schedule clean and organized.

What I've learned about planners is that they are very personal things. What works for me may not work for all. My 'way of doing it' changes year to year as well. Planning morphs and evolves with you and your schedule. For starters my writing utensil of choice would be......colored pens!

I need the different colors to color code my planner. By doing that its much easier to open it up and know exactly what I am looking for...
Red- Red Cross (see what I did there)
Purple- Chi O Functions
Pink- Physics Lab
Orange- Biochem
Dark Green- Tests & Exams
Light Blue- Committee Office Hours
Black- Bio Workshop
Dark Blue- Public Health Classes
Silver- Friends & Fun
This system just works for me because I know what color to look for without trying to decode everything else. Sometimes I'll use stickers (my planner includes them) or highlighters if something is super important.

If you are planning on starting to use a planner think about what is best for you. Some people write everything down meticulously. Good for them if they can stick to it! That doesn't really work for me. I use my planner just to make sure no meetings, schedules, or classwork falls through the cracks. Honestly once I figured out how to make my planner work for me, my life has radically changed! I feel more in control of my days and weeks. I don't constantly feel like I'm forgetting anything (which is such a nice feeling).

So you want to start using a planner? Do you want to be more organized this school year? Stay on top of your crazy social calendar? Where do you start....?

Start with the basics. Research different planners and how they are set up. Think about how you want to use the planner and what kind of layout would best serve your purposes. I highly recommend color coding so go out and get those colorful pens, sharpies, or highlighters. Any extra things you buy for your planner are for decorative purposes, like stickers, washi tape, or fun paper clips. All those extra things are not necessary but can always be fun!

With Tax Free weekends coming up all across the country this month, I would highly suggest going shopping for school and office supplies when that happens!

Do you use a planner? What kinds of supplies do you use to plan? I would love to know! Anything is great to make planning better and more efficient :)

"I'd pencil you in but its not in my color code"
Planning on starting planning?