Monday, August 17, 2015

Sorority Recruitment Advice

Hello Loves,

One-on-one conversations are the heart of recruitment. They let the sisters know who you are and let you know who the sisters are. Both sisters and PNMs can make some improvements to their conversation abilities to improve their ability to communication, not just for recruitment but also for life. Having great rush conversations is the key to make the best sorority matches.

one// REALLY Listen
Don't be thinking about what you're going to be saying or doing next while the PNM or sister is speaking. Don't be thinking about ways to make a cool impression or plotting your next move, instead really tune in to what the girl talking to you is saying. By being truly present only then can an authentic conversation take place. If you honestly hear what she is saying, you will respond genuinely and then an authentic connection can take place. Pay Attention! Truly listen with your heart and head at all times!

two// Show Empathy
Empathy is about understanding what the PNM/sister is talking about. During your talks make appropriate gestures or exclamations to let the other girl know that you are getting the point and empathize. Don't cut her off, think before you speak, ask follow up questions. Embrace what is being said and what emotions are being shared in each conversations. Connect with the emotions and you will increase the effectiveness of your communication.

three// Be Appropriately Brief
Recruitment conversations are just a few minutes long, especially in early rounds. Avoid droning on and on. A successful conversation should be energetic, to the point, and moving forward. Rounds are high energy while you don't have to match the energy you should not lag behind either. You speaking style should be nimble, sharp, and spirited. Practice the C's of good recruitment communication ~ be concrete, clear, coherent, charming, and courteous.

four//Tailor Your Message
Each PNM/sister is different. Some will understand your sense of humor, others won't. Some are bubbly and others are quiet. Be quick thinking and tailor your talking points to the type of person you are talking to. While the sisters will mostly be in charge of the conversations, you don't want to overwhelm a quieter sister with a large personality. Some conversations will be easier than other, but a skilled communicator will adjust to her audience and make it work! Remember to keep showcasing your personality even if it is toned down.

five// Tune Out Distractions
Rush rounds are filled to the max with distractions! So many girls, so many conversations, so much movement, so much noise! Focus on the person you are talking to and tune out the rest. Try not to dart your eyes around the room looking for another sister or PNM. Remember in order to be an attentive listener you need to tune out the distractions and listen to the person talking!

six//Ask Questions and Follow Up
Recruitment talks are not monologs or interviews. They are conversations with a natural back and forth. It doesn't matter what you are talking about, ask questions, show interest, move the conversations forward. Engage in the topic that's being discussed and follow up with additional comments. 

seven//Tell A Story
Stories are powerful. They make an impression. They showcase who you are. People can relate to stories. Your stories make you unique, make you memorable. Practice your storytelling before recruitment. Make sure you're sharing the positive highlights. Get used to speaking about your life in a humorous, lighthearted way ~ or a sensitive, sincere way. Don't read from a script, keep your stories personable and genuine. You will make a lasting impression like that.

eight//Have A Plan
PNMs and sisters should not sound rehearsed, but some pre-planning is necessary for success. Plan what you're going to talk about, what questions to ask, what you want to highlight, what you want to downplay, what your interests are, who you are as a person, or chapter, etc. Have your talking points firmly in your mind but leave room for improvisation. Be prepared to find at least one thing in common with every girl you speak with! Sisters should really have some interesting and uncommon go to questions in case they hit a bump on the road.

nine// Get Rid of Annoying Conversation Fillers
Work hard to eliminate words like "uh", "um", "like", and "you know" from your vocabulary. The first step to ridding yourself of these habits is to start counting how many time you say them when you speak. Once you catch yourself saying "like", for example, you will begin to notice it every time. Constantly repeating those words keeps you from sounding confident and mature!

ten// Watch Your Body Language
Body language says a lot about what you are thinking. The non-verbal cues that you send out send a message about what you are thinking and how you feel about the conversation. Check yourself. Always be aware of what your body is doing while your mouth is busy making small talk. Remain calm, open, and relaxed in your arms, legs, and overall posture. Sit straight, try not to fidget with things, and be positively expressive in your body language. 

I hope these tips help with rush and any other future endeavors
Good Luck!