Monday, August 3, 2015

Sorority Recruitment Style {Fall}

Hello Loves,

The highlight of my college career has been joining my sorority! I absolutely love my sisters and the home away from home on campus. It was definitely the craziest thing I've ever done. Recruitment is a beast of its own. If you are at all considering joining a sorority, my advice would be to go for it! If you really hate it you can drop before initiation. But really give your sorority and sisters a chance, it could just about change your life!

One of the most stressful parts about recruitment and the part you can most prepare for is your outfits! The parties, where you get invited back, and the conversations may feel out of your control but looking cute and feeling confident is in your hands!!

Most rush weeks start with a group orientation where all the PNMS learn about the recruitment process and meet their rho gammas (or recruitment counselors/guides). This is usually very causal, even though its casual you want it to be more 'nice-casual'. No ripped bottoms, sloppy shirts, or flip flops.

Round One// ice water teas at every house
In most schools the panhellenic association will provide a shirt for you to wear for this round. You want comfortable, but cute shorts again no ripped shorts or jeans. Opt for a solid color that compliments the shirt. You still want your personality to shine through so accessorize to showcase it! Try to stay on the conservative side while displaying your personality! For shoes wear sandals, ballet flats, or boat shoes that go with your shorts and tee.

Round Two// philanthropy day
This is usually "sundress round." Wear an attractive summer dress that feels good, looks good, and lets your personality shine. A cute shirt and skirt would also be appropriate for this round. For shoes you want sandals or ballet flats. This round the houses will be displaying their charity work and asking about yours so be prepared for that!

Round Three// skit day
Skirt day asks for a dressier outfit. Sometimes this is described as "business attire" which is dressier than a sundress but not as elegant as a cocktail dress. Think luncheon, graduation dress or interview attire. You may want to wear nicer strappy sandals, ballet flats, or wedges. Make sure your heels are comfortable. And of course accessorize to your personality.

Images via sorority sugar
Round Four// Preference Night
Preference night or Pref is the dressiest of the nights. The attire calls for something you would wear to a wedding reception, dinner celebration, or holiday celebrations like Easter Sunday. This dress should not be too sparkly or revealing. This is not nightclub attire!! No plunging necklines, cut-outs, or mini-skirts. Nude pumps, strappy high heeled sandals, or other heels would be appropriate. Try to avoid wearing solid black, white, or red dresses since the sorority sisters will most likely be wearing those.
Bid Day!!! Meet Your Sisters :)
This is usually another casual day at most schools. I would suggest wearing shorts and a tank top since you will be given a bid day shirt to wear. You don't want a flowy blouse since you'll be wearing your bid day shirt. Go for khakis, white, or solid colored shorts and prepare for the BEST DAY EVER!!!

Rushwear can vary from school to school so check with your panhellenic association guidelines. Recruitment weeks usually get dressier as the days go by. Pref Night is always the dressiest night of the week. Keep in mind that you want to be comfortable, cute, and conservative. You want the sisters talking about your shining personality not your scandalously short dress.

Good Luck PNMs!!