Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sweet Home Alabama

Hello Loves!

This weekend my mom, sisters, and I took a road trip to Alabama! We were dropping my sister off at school and also moving her into her new house! We got to meet her roommates, see where she hangs out, and even check out the town around her school. I really liked her town, I had such a blast! Still cannot believe that school is already starting.

We left at 5:15am which means we got to see the most beautiful sunrise on the road. I also got to find all sorts of snap filters in my state!

Jump for joy we made it to Alabama!!! Only 7 more hours till Tuscaloosa!

This is our favorite peach stand. We stop here every time! Hands down the most amazing peaches, plums, and tomatoes!!

Thought these bees were too cool to not take a picture (don't worry the peaches we bought had no bees!)

My sister then took us around The University of Alabama. She showed us where she works, has class, and hangs out with her friends. We even got to see her old dorm again! It is such a beautiful campus, even though it is absolutely enormous!

Always gotta find my Chi Os! <3 p="">
Denny Chimes

For breakfast my sister took us to Northport Downtown. Its the old fashion part of Northport, which is absolutely beautiful. It is very quaint and artsy. We went to the most delicious, local breakfast spot. Naturally afterward we walked around! We stopped at a bakery for some fresh baked goodies.

Before heading to my sister's house we went to the River Walk. It is this beautiful forest right next to the river and there is a trail you can walk along. We didn't have time to walk along the entire trail but we did do a good portion of it. It is so beautiful and a definite must-do in Tuscaloosa!

My little sister being silly while we moved my sister in! It was about 93F the entire time we were there! But her house is beautiful.

Her bed is very comfortable! We had to test it out by taking a nap!

My sister's house looks more like a barn, but it really is beautiful! So is the neighborhood.

Last year, we didn't get to see as much of Tuscaloosa as we did this year. But just one year of living there my sister was able to show us some of her favorite places, take us to try some of the best food, and really explore the city of Tuscaloosa. It was such a fun time. If you are going to college, really take your years there as time to fully explore and find the cool, local spots your town has to offer! You never know what you may find.

Thanks for Traveling with me!