Saturday, August 29, 2015

What To Do When A Hurricane Hits?

Good Morning Loves,

If you live in the USA, you will have seen in the news the Florida has a strong possibility of getting hit by Tropical Storm (TS) Erika. Even if the storm weakens before hitting Florida and does not make it to Category one hurricane we will still get a lot of rain and potential flooding. As someone who has lived through many hurricanes in Florida I can tell you how they can be scary but also very boring. It is very important to get prepared. As of uncertainty with where Erika is going to hit, which makes it a lot more difficult to get prepared.

As an intern for the Red Cross, I learned a lot about emergency preparedness and what it takes to help people in need. It is so incredibly important to help people that are in need, but it is even more important to be prepared so that you do not become a person that is in need. In order to not become that person you need to prepare a "Go-Bag" and have supplies to last.

You want to have:

  • enough food to last three days per person (non-perishable in case the power is lost)
  • batteries
  • hand held radio
  • water, enough to last three days per person (about three gallons a person)
  • blankets
  • toiletries (including painkillers)
  • enough prescription medication to last three days
  • flashlight
  • First Aid kit and gloves
  • chargers
  • entertainment that does not require technology
If you are interested in helping out in your area (especially in Florida right now) contact your local Red Cross, they always need more people to help. You could do things like sheltering and feeding or assessing damage for people's houses. It really is a great organization and it feels good to make a difference in people's lives.

Don't forget to prepare your house!
  • get shutters if you need
  • get tarps to cover a roof damage
  • get bins to collect water
  • get extra gas for your car or generator
  • make sure all your outdoor furniture is away
  • park your car in a location in which it will not flood or get damaged
  • unplug large electronics so they don't short circuit
  • prepare an evacuation plan if needed 
  • find a shelter nearby
  • make sure you have all your emergency numbers up to date
Hurricanes sound very scary, but in reality they are a lot more boring than scary. You will see that sitting in doors without power will get boring really fast! But do not discourage, it will go by quickly and all that is left is the clean up. This is especially tedious. Make sure to stay safe, stay out of flooded areas (you never know what is in the water), and be prepared.

Stay safe and dry!