Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Day In My Life {Fall Semester}

Hello Loves!

Today is the first day of Fall!! I wish I lived in a place where you could actually feel the difference between Fall and Summer. I'm dying to finally move to a place in which I will be able to experience the different colored leaves, the pumpkin patches, fun scarves, and all the other wonderful things experienced in Autumn. I decided that since it was fall it would be the perfect day to share A Day in My Life. I might do more "Days in my life" with specific days and fun stuff I'm doing, we'll see. The fist one I did: Summer Edition of A Day In My Life was so fun to write that I decided to do a school edition!

Even though each day of the week is different when it comes to class and work schedules I'm trying to get an average day for you all. A lot of times at work I'm doing homework so that I can have free time to spend with friends and my family. I've found that this is really all about time management. I personally like when my day is scheduled and busy, it keeps me on track.

Weekends are the craziest. Between work, game days, and going out with friends I feel like I don't have a single weekend to just relax at home. I'm a huge introvert and I rely heavily on alone time and downtime, so I'm hoping to have some more quiet time soon!

illustrations via this amazing lady
So I didn't get into specifics for the school work time because each day is different. On Mondays I work in the morning then go to class in the evening then I have chapter. On Tuesdays I have class all day as well as office hours that I hold. On Wednesdays I occasionally go into work in the mornings then I have meetings, and class in the evening. On Thursdays, I have class all day as well as office hours. On Friday, I work all day! During the day I have time to check my email, blog, hang out with friends, and do homework. It looks like I'm running ragged but going to sleep early has really helped me organize myself. I also really love having the "me time" to read!

What does your school schedule look like?