Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Book Club: September 2015

Hello Fellow Clubbies!

A month into school and here I am trying to keep up with my fun reading as well as my school reading. School reading seems to take a back burner place to my fun reading which tends to be a problem for class! So far though I have been happy with my ability to balance both reading types. I prefer the fun reading obviously! This month I picked up Lean In For Graduates, can you tell I'm nervous for graduation? I have been doing a lot of reading for graduates and post-grad adult life. This part of life is a very important part for many of us and I know I've done many (and will probably post more) posts about this topic. I will probably do a separate post just about some of the advice I've learned and how I have been able to put it to use.

one// Lean In For Graduates by Sheryl Sandberg
"Because the world needs you to change it" I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! I read it so fast! Everything was useful and helpful. I'm really hoping to put the advice that she gave to use in my life and lean in-- all the way in.

What are you reading now?