Monday, September 21, 2015

Coconut Oil {Clean Make-up Brushes}

Hello Loves,

Another installation of Coconut oil uses we are cleaning Make-Up Brushes!! The aim is to thoroughly clean the brushes and leave them feeling soft.


Melt down some of the oil in a glass and dip the brush into the liquid, making sure to coat it thoroughly. 
Then gently swirl the brush on a paper towel or washcloth until the color or product is gone.

Rise under warm water and dry! Any bit of residue will make the bristles soft.

 If you don't like the feel of the residue you may use mild soap and water to remove it all.

I really love how soft my make up brush is now! Its so much nicer to use. Also this method of cleaning is so much faster than the regular brush cleaning I used to do. That would take such a long time! Check out my previous post on coconut oil uses!
How do you use coconut oil?