Monday, September 7, 2015

First Game Day of The Season

Hello All!!

Happy Labor Day and Happy First Football Game of the Season weekend!! On Saturday we had our game opener, first game of the season, first game of my senior year, last first game in college, this was a big day! The best part was the newly renovated stadium! Sadly I couldn't actually go to our game because I had a wedding to go to instead so really this post should be called Wedding Season haha.

The bride is a teacher so she invited her students to come. Obviously all the little girls came! They were absolutely adorable. Before the ceremony started they all took a picture together with my mom. They were gushing over her dress it was so cute. 

The ceremony was beautiful! Although it started a little late with the mother of the bride being late, it went flawlessly afterward.

The bride looked absolutely radiant and so happy it was impossible not to be happy with her. The ceremony was really special and beautiful, even though it was hard to hear you could tell how in love they were. 

The little girls sat in the aisle slowly moving closer to the alter trying to get the best view in the house and trying to get as close to their teacher as possible. It was the cutest thing ever!

At the dinner my mom took pictures of me and my sister with our food to send to our other sister who is in college. The food was so amazing!! I had scallops, my sister had a flatbread pizza and ravioli, and my mom had fish! The food was probably my favorite part of the whole night.

Although I really wish I could have gone to the game, I'm really glad I got to go to the wedding. It was so much fun and I didn't have to watch a football game in the rain like all my friends were doing haha. We did win our game which made the night that much sweeter! I'll definitely be going to the next one, hopefully we win that one too!

Did y'all win?
Happy Labor Day!