Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lace Fishtail Braid

Hello Loves,

I saw this hairstyle a while back and I absolutely loved it! It is super easy and carefree yet it looks incredibly complicated and difficult to make. I like it for busy days because it stays out of your face. It looks like you took a lot of time to do your hair and you have a lot of skill but it really is deceptively easy.

Time: ~15 minutes

Skills you need:
Lace Braid

Hair tie
Bobby pins (optional)


one// Part your hair

two// start lace braiding one side. A lace braid  is like a French braid but you only add hair from one side instead of both. In this case add hair from the bottom (close to the ear and hairline)

three// lace braid the other side also adding hair from the bottom

four// combine the hair (you can stop here and it also looks cute!)

five// Fishtail braid over the braid so that you cannot tell where the braid ends and the fishtail begins. after the beginning of the hair has been fishtailed undo the braid and incorporate it with the hair.

six// secure the braid and pin any fly away hairs

Final Look:

I hope this makes sense! I really love this hair style. I have even done it on myself on days when I know I'm going to be running around and having my hair pulled back would be best. I love this hairstyle for fall or for summer it really is perfect for all seasons!

How do you do your hair for busy days?