Friday, September 4, 2015

Seeing Red

Hello Loves,

For the longest time now my sister has been begging my mom to let her dye her hair. She wanted something radical like blue, purple, pink, or grey! There was no chance my mom was going to let her do something that drastic so instead she used the Lush Henna Hair Dye to dye  her hair red. It was an intense process!! We have never used the Henna Hair Dye before so it was definitely an experiment. We used the Caca Rouge (which literally translates to red poo from French).

What you'll need to dye your hair:

Missing from this picture is the wooden spoon we used to stir. We used about a cup and half of boiling water to make the henna into a paste. *PUT PAPER OR PLASTIC TO PROTECT THE FLOOR* This can stain your floor!!

How do to it:

Step 1// Cut up the henna into large chunks then put it in the bowl. While doing this heat up the water

Step 2// Slowly add the water to the bowl to melt the henna into a thick paste

Step 3// Cover the floor, put on gloves, and put vaseline or ultrabland around the hairline in order to not dye any skin.

Step 4// Brush hair then start sectioning it off to add the Henna paste

Step 5// Make sure there is henna everywhere especially the roots
Step 6// FOR RED HENNA ONLY saran wrap the hair in order to allow the henna to dye the hair

Step 7// Clean up immediately

Step 8// Wait 3+ hours for the color to take

Step 9// Take off the saran wrap and wash your hair: shampoo & conditioner
Step 10// Enjoy your Fiery Red Hair!!

What we thought:
It was really hard to get the henna stuff in her hair. I feel like it didn't fully cover her hair. All the different YouTube videos we saw, it looked a lot easier than it was in real life. We had a really hard time spreading it out on her hair and getting it to stay on the roots. I'm sure with an extra pair of hands, more section it off, and possibly more liquid henna paste it would have been easier to get in her hair more evenly. It definitely takes on the different highlights and lowlights of your natural hair. My sister is blonde so her hair looks more orange than red. It'll look different with brunette hair,

Before & After:

What color would you dye your hair?