Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Short Hair Don't Care

Hello Loves,

The other day I woke up with the overwhelming urge to cut my hair. I'm not sure why but I was just tired of having long hair and I wanted it to be 1. more manageable 2. feel fresh and 3. the ends to be straight. The stylist asked me four times if I was sure I wanted to cut it so much, but at that point I was decided and I went for it!! I'm really happy with my haircut. It wasn't until after my haircut did I realize I didn't take a before and after picture :(.

No one in my family had any idea I was going to cut my hair. I just went to the salon after work and surprised them all once I got home! This is the second time I do this to my mom haha. I think at some point it will no longer phase her.

How do you feel about haircuts?