Monday, September 28, 2015

Zoo Day

Hello Loves!

I feel like lately I've had a weirdly serious streak of posts so today I want to be more fun. For my fun post today I want to share about the sisterhood retreat we had yesterday at the zoo. I really enjoy sisterhood retreats because we get to spend really fun quality time together which is so rare at school with everyone's crazy hectic schedules. I, also, haven't been to our city zoo in years so it was fun to go back!

Cheetah sisters! Love these girls and we had such a fun time exploring the zoo. There were so many awesome animals!

My life goal is to ride a camel and an elephant! We got to see both at the zoo which was awesome. Sadly, we aren't allowed to ride them! But we were allowed to feed the giraffes.

Look at this long neck!! It was such a cutie.

We got a great lunch but I honed in on dessert! We had delicious blondies.

We had to stop at every single one of these stations because it was just too hot to be outside all day!

"I knew it! It's white with black stripes"

Elephant selfies!

No zoo trip would be complete without dip n' dots!

Since my little is in the Galapagos and they have tons of giant turtles there I had to take a picture to pretend we are in the Galapagos too! 

I had such a fun time with my sisters. We played a lot of games to get to know each other and talk about more serious things. I really enjoy the retreats! Not only are they amazing bonding opportunities but they're also such a fun way to relax and re energize for school! I hope y'all had an awesome weekend and got to explore your city/town!

How did you spend your weekend?