Friday, October 30, 2015

Living In Eternal Summer

Hello Loves,

Fall is officially in full swing around the entire country. There has even been a snapstory showcasing the fallen leaves, the pumpkin patches, the hay rides, and all the flannel. Too bad where I live fall doesn't even mean cooler temperatures..... It is kind of horrible. Fall is this beautiful, happy season that everyone loves, yet we get none of it! Luckily this means we do not get any winter (yay warmth).

I am dying to be able to use flannel, vests, boots, and jeans. I want to crunch on fallen leaves and have some warm apple cider on a crisp fall day. The difference in fall is felt in the slightly cooler mornings and slightly less rain and humidity. Although we are still in hurricane season so we still get a substantial amount of rain!

As much as I want fall, I always get too cold. It might be because we do not actually have real winter/fall clothes to keep us warm or that I'm just too easily cold. But fall/winter is always a nice time to sit outside and enjoy nature. There are no bugs and very little rain, then the temperature dips to the 70s which makes for perfect weather!! Even though we do not get the typical pumpkin patches, hay rides, or apple picking we do (eventually) get cooler weather (for a while at least!).

What is fall like where you live?