Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Senior Year Bucket List

Hello Loves,

Senior year is well in motion now! In order to get ready for Senior Year my friends and I made an extensive senior year bucket list! I think its tradition at my school for all seniors to have a bucket list and then to add to the increasingly long list at school. There is a wall in the Student Activities office that has ideas for seniors to add to their bucket list. There are some pretty awesome ideas (which I naturally incorporated into my list). I know I had a really hard time coming up with a list, even with extensive research so I wanted to share my list to see if any of y'all had any ideas to add to my list!

Go strawberry picking
Bat at a batting cage
Make S'mores
Go to the Everglades and get a milkshake
Go to a baseball game and get a milkshake (I really like milkshakes)
Go to Fleet Week
Gove on a Thursday
Art Walk
Watch the Sunrise on the beach
Go to the ice skating club
Visit Sky Zone
Run a 5K
Go to a Halloween party
Karaoke Bar
Jetski Tour
Take a picture with Sebastian
Go tanning on a school day
Try a Zumba class
Try a spinning class
Go to a yoga class taught by one of my sisters
Do yoga on the Green
Get a class of 2016 Pitcher
Take Senior pictures
Go to a school play
Take a picture with Sebastian (our mascot)
Go in the fountain
Take pictures at the front of the school
Decorate my grad cap

This is pretty much my run down of senior year. I have done some of these already, but I really need to kick it into gear and get more things done! Above all, I want to make the best memories with the best friends and have the most fun times. That is what college is all about. By senior year everything is already done, your grades, your internships, your clubs, you experiences, you positions held, all that is left is making sure that you fully enjoy all the hard work that you put in those previous three years. That being said I still don't feel like a senior, it is the most unreal feeling ever! I cannot wait to see what else this year has in store for me and hopefully enjoy the whole ride. (Don't forget about your grades!)

Do you have any more ideas for me?