Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Coconut Oil {Nail & Cuticle Treatment}

Hello Loves,

Its been a while since I've written another addition to the series of "coconut oil uses" so today I wanted to share how coconut oil can be used as a nail and cuticle treatment. I love doing my nails!! I paint my nails a different color every week. Naturally it is much more involved than just painting my nails, I have to deal with the cuticles as well. It is important to keep your cuticles healthy and after some research and testing it out I found that coconut oil can be used!!!

Cuticles get raggedy. Nails get broken, chipped or dull. They need some TLC every now and again. There's about a million different store bough creams designed to miraculously fix all these problems. Usually they are overpriced and not even that great. This is why I looked into coconut oil.

Rub a little into your cuticles and over/around your nails to help smooth out flaws and encourage healthy growth. This does not have to happen every day, about once or twice a month is good enough.

How do you use coconut oil?