Monday, November 2, 2015


Hello Loves!!

I hope you all had a spooktacular halloween!! It sure was an interesting and fun day for me. After going to Rocky Horror the night before, I had to wake up super early for a day of service. Rocky Horror was really fun. I would recommend everyone that has the chance to watch it to go out and enjoy it. It is definitely an experience. The day of service was part of the kick-off for homecoming this week! We did a really fun beach clean up.

This was my fabulous trash picking up partner! We picked up a lot of trash!

My gloves matched my bag therefore we needed a picture

While we were cleaning up there was a raccoon that stole some food from a BBQ. It grabbed a bag of tortillas and ran off to eat them. We were actually able to get close enough to take a couple of pictures. It was so funny!

For Halloween night I didn't actually go out. I was too tired from the day and decided to nap instead. I personally enjoyed my decision a lot. Even though I had a Crayon costume, I decided staying in was the best option for me. 

What did you do for Halloween?